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Gregory Le DMD

License Type


License Number


Issuance Date

MAY 20, 2009

Graduate School

Tufts University

NPI Number


Distance from KYT Dental Services

0.1 Miles

Address of Record


Practicing at

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley, situated in the heart of Orange County, is renowned for its vibrant community and lush landscapes, including the expansive Mile Square Park. This park is a centerpiece of the area, offering numerous recreational activities that enhance the community's quality of life. Within this engaging environment stands the 11180 Warner Ave building, a modern healthcare hub that features KYT Dental Services. Since its inception in 2023, KYT Dental Services has established itself as a leader in advanced dental care, known for its innovative treatment approaches and commitment to patient wellness.

Located on the second floor of this contemporary facility, KYT Dental Services provides a comprehensive suite of dental treatments tailored to the diverse needs of Fountain Valley residents. The practice utilizes cutting-edge dental technologies to ensure that each patient receives personalized and high-quality care. Nearby, within the same plaza at 11160 Warner Ave Suite 303, Gregory Le, DMD operates independently. Holding an active dentist license (License Number: 58284), issued on May 20, 2009, and practicing under NPI number 1902271802, Gregory Le, DMD offers additional dental services, contributing to the community's healthcare resources without any direct affiliation with KYT Dental Services.

The interior of KYT Dental Services is designed to echo the modern aesthetics of the 11180 Warner Ave building while focusing on creating a calming atmosphere that maximizes patient comfort. This environment is crafted to reduce patient anxiety and enhance the overall experience during dental visits. Similarly, Gregory Le, DMD, located just a floor above in the same building, provides his dental expertise, enriching the local healthcare landscape independently.

KYT Dental Services is dedicated to offering a wide array of dental services, from routine preventive care to advanced surgical interventions, operating distinctly from other dental providers in the area such as Gregory Le, DMD. The presence of both practices within close proximity is a boon for the community, offering a variety of dental health options and allowing residents to choose providers that best meet their individual needs.

Strategically located within the healthcare-centric hub of the 11180 Warner Ave building, KYT Dental Services benefits not only from Fountain Valley's excellent community infrastructure but also from its proximity to Mile Square Park and other healthcare providers like Gregory Le, DMD. This strategic location facilitates easy access to various healthcare services, enhancing the convenience and effectiveness of community health management. The presence of multiple independent dental practices, including that of Gregory Le, DMD, ensures that Fountain Valley residents have comprehensive access to quality dental care, highlighting the community's commitment to maintaining and enhancing health and wellness.