Robert F. Childs DDS

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Robert F. Childs DDS

License Type


License Number


Issuance Date

JULY 8, 1976

Graduate School


NPI Number


Distance from KYT Dental Services

3 Miles

Address of Record


Practicing at

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley, nestled in the heart of Orange County, is known for its robust community and convenient local amenities, including popular supermarkets like Ralph's and Albertsons. These stores provide residents with easy access to a wide variety of goods, enhancing the suburban lifestyle of this vibrant area. Within this community-rich setting, the 11180 Warner Ave building stands out as a key healthcare hub, prominently featuring KYT Dental Services. Established in 2023, KYT Dental Services has rapidly become a beacon of advanced dental care, embodying the area’s dedication to health and wellness.

Located on the second floor of this modern facility, KYT Dental Services offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Fountain Valley residents. Using the latest in dental technology, the clinic ensures each patient receives high-quality, personalized care. Not far from this healthcare hub, Robert F. Childs, DDS, operates independently at his practice located at 18449 Brookhurst St, Suite 9. A graduate of UCLA Dental School, Robert F. Childs, DDS holds an active dentist license (License Number: 25688) issued on July 8, 1976, and practices under NPI number 1528262813. While he contributes to the local dental care offerings, there is no direct affiliation between his practice and KYT Dental Services.

The office design of KYT Dental Services reflects the building’s modern aesthetics and is intentionally crafted to create a tranquil atmosphere that maximizes patient comfort. This approach helps reduce patient anxiety and improve the overall experience during dental visits. In the same vein, Robert F. Childs, DDS, located just a short drive from local shopping destinations like Ralph's and Albertsons, offers his dental expertise, further enriching the healthcare landscape of Fountain Valley independently.

KYT Dental Services is committed to providing a broad spectrum of dental services, from routine preventive care to more complex surgical procedures. The practice operates distinctly and separately from other dental providers in the area, such as Robert F. Childs, DDS. The proximity of both practices to essential community amenities like Ralph's and Albertsons supermarkets adds convenience, allowing patients to easily combine errands with dental appointments.

Strategically positioned within the healthcare-centric hub at 11180 Warner Ave, KYT Dental Services not only benefits from Fountain Valley’s excellent community infrastructure but also from its proximity to key shopping centers. This location enhances the convenience and quality of community health management. The availability of multiple independent dental practices, including that of Robert F. Childs, DDS, ensures that Fountain Valley residents have comprehensive access to quality dental care, underscoring the community's commitment to promoting health and wellness.