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Trisha T. Vo DDS

License Type


License Number


Issuance Date

NOVEMBER 2, 2020

Graduate School

University of the Pacific

NPI Number


Distance from KYT Dental Services

3.3 Miles

Address of Record


Practicing at

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley, nestled in the heart of Orange County, is celebrated for its proximity to Southern California's scenic beaches and its vibrant culinary landscape, featuring a diverse array of cultural foods. Within this dynamic community, the 11180 Warner Ave building emerges as a key center for healthcare services, including the innovative KYT Dental Services. Established in 2023, KYT Dental Services has quickly integrated into the local healthcare framework, offering advanced dental care.

KYT Dental Services, located on the second floor of this modern facility, provides a comprehensive range of dental treatments to meet the diverse needs of the Fountain Valley residents. The practice is equipped with the latest dental technologies, ensuring each patient receives high-quality care. Just 3.3 miles away, Trisha Thuy Trang Vo, DDS graduated from University of the Pacific and practices at Elements Dentistry, located at 18952 Brookhurst St, Unit B-6, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Both practices operate independently, serving the community's dental needs without overlap.

The design of KYT Dental Services’ office not only reflects the contemporary style of the 11180 Warner Ave building but also focuses on creating a calming atmosphere to enhance patient comfort during visits. This commitment to patient care is paralleled by the independent practice of Trisha Thuy Trang Vo, DDS, who also serves the Fountain Valley community, practicing under her active dental license (License Number: 105769) issued on November 2, 2020, with an NPI number of 1205472495.

While KYT Dental Services is dedicated to offering a wide array of dental services from preventive care to complex procedures, it remains distinct and separate from other local dental providers like Trisha Thuy Trang Vo, DDS. The presence of her practice, Elements Dentistry, 3.3 miles away, highlights the availability of dental services within the community, offering choices to residents seeking dental care. Both KYT Dental Services and Trisha Thuy Trang Vo, DDS contribute to the healthcare offerings of Fountain Valley, though they do not share any direct affiliation.

The strategic location of KYT Dental Services within the 11180 Warner Ave building places it at the heart of Fountain Valley’s healthcare and community hub. Its proximity to local beaches and diverse dining options enriches the lifestyle of its patients, who can combine their dental visits with enjoyable local activities. Similarly, the independent practice of Trisha Thuy Trang Vo, DDS, situated just a short drive away, further enhances the dental care landscape of the area.