Before and After

Smile Enhancement

Chipped Teeth

Dental Office in Fountain Valley

A 51-year-old female patient came to the dental clinic after a lifetime of dealing with chipped teeth. She had noticed that the chipping had progressively worsened over the years and decided that the time had come to address her smile concerns with a cosmetic smile enhancement. Unlike some patients, she did not have a history of teeth grinding, but she did have missing lower molars. This absence of posterior support meant that she had to rely on her front teeth for biting and chewing.

To address her smile concerns comprehensively, the treatment plan began with the placement of implants on her lower molars. This restored the posterior support she had been lacking, ensuring a balanced and functional bite. Subsequently, a diagnostic wax-up was created for both her front teeth and lower molars to achieve an ideal occlusion, ensuring that her bite would function properly.

In terms of her cosmetic concerns, the patient desired a smile enhancement that would address the chipping and make her front teeth longer. To achieve this, a cosmetic dental procedure focused on the upper front teeth was planned. The patient's lower teeth were less visible when she smiled, so the enhancements were primarily focused on the upper arch.

The patient expressed her preference for longer teeth, and this request was communicated to the dental laboratory. The laboratory was tasked with creating restorations that would not only repair the chipping but also provide the desired length for her front teeth.

Temporary restorations were created to allow the patient to visualize and approve the proposed changes to her smile. After obtaining her approval, the final restorations for her upper front teeth were fabricated and placed, completing the cosmetic smile enhancement.

The result was a significant transformation of the patient's smile. The chipping that had troubled her for years was effectively addressed, and the desired length of her front teeth was achieved. With the addition of implants for posterior support, the patient could now bite and chew with a balanced and functional occlusion.

In conclusion, the case of this 51-year-old female patient exemplifies the transformative power of modern dentistry in enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. By combining dental implants, a diagnostic wax-up, and cosmetic enhancements for the upper front teeth, the patient achieved a beautiful and fully functional smile. This case underscores the importance of personalized treatment and a comprehensive approach to address each patient's unique goals and needs.