Before and After

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Fixing Size and Shape of Teeth

Dental Office in Fountain Valley

A 55-year-old male patient visited the dental clinic with concerns about his smile. When he smiled, none of his teeth were visible, a condition that had long bothered him. Additionally, his teeth were chipped, which he attributed to teeth grinding, a habit developed due to the stress of his job.

To address these concerns and provide the patient with a more appealing smile, a treatment plan was initiated. The first step was to create a diagnostic wax-up, a crucial component of the treatment planning process. This wax-up allowed the patient to visualize and approve the proposed changes to the shape and size of his teeth before proceeding with the final restorations.

The patient expressed his desire for larger and whiter teeth as part of his smile transformation. The diagnostic wax-up provided a clear representation of the expected results, and once the patient was satisfied with the proposed changes, the final phase of the treatment began.

Final crowns were crafted to achieve the desired shape and size for the patient's teeth. These crowns not only addressed the chipping caused by teeth grinding but also provided a more visible and attractive smile. The patient was pleased with the outcome, which offered both cosmetic improvements and restoration of his damaged teeth.

It's important to note that the patient continued to grind his teeth, most likely due to the ongoing stress from his job. To protect the longevity of the restorations and prevent further damage, the patient was advised to use Vivera retainers for the rest of his life. These retainers would serve to minimize the impact of teeth grinding and maintain the integrity of the final crowns.

In conclusion, the case of this 55-year-old male patient exemplifies the transformative power of modern dentistry in enhancing both aesthetics and function. By conducting a diagnostic wax-up and crafting final crowns, the patient achieved a more visible and attractive smile while addressing the chipping caused by teeth grinding. This case highlights the importance of personalized treatment and the role of comprehensive dental solutions in delivering life-changing results.