Before and After

Smile Enhancement

Incomplete Invisalign Treatment

Dental Office in Fountain Valley

A 32-year-old male patient was in the midst of his Invisalign treatment when he visited the dental office. He presented with an incomplete Invisalign procedure and noticeable staining on his old composite restorations. Due to health-related concerns, the patient had temporarily suspended his Invisalign treatment. However, he was now ready to resume and complete his treatment. The primary issue that troubled the patient was the aesthetic aspect, as the staining on his old composite fillings had given his teeth an unsightly appearance. He was often self-conscious about people staring at his discolored teeth.

The patient had initially anticipated that Invisalign would significantly improve the appearance of his teeth. Following a thorough dental examination, it became evident that the patient required additional cosmetic work beyond what Invisalign could achieve, despite its success in straightening his teeth and correcting his bite. Achieving ideal cosmetic results solely through Invisalign was deemed unattainable, given the staining on his old composite fillings. Additionally, the proportions of his teeth were not in harmony, with some being longer than others.

After a comprehensive discussion of the available treatment options, the patient opted for veneers to be applied to both upper and lower premolars. This decision aimed to address the cosmetic concerns and provide a solution that would result in a pleasing and harmonious smile. Following the completion of the Invisalign treatment and the veneer application, the patient's teeth exhibited a remarkable transformation in terms of aesthetics. The final cosmetic results showcased a significant improvement compared to the initial state of his teeth.

The patient expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the combined Invisalign and veneer treatment. With his cosmetic concerns addressed, he was now eager to continue with regular periodontal maintenance to ensure the long-term health and beauty of his newly enhanced smile.

In conclusion, this case illustrates how a patient's journey through Invisalign treatment can be complemented with additional cosmetic work to achieve the desired aesthetic results. In this instance, the patient's concerns regarding stained composite fillings and uneven tooth proportions were effectively addressed through the application of veneers. The outcome not only improved the patient's smile but also boosted his self-confidence, demonstrating the transformative power of modern cosmetic dentistry.