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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Old Ugly Crowns

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A 51-year-old male patient arrived at the dental clinic, bearing a story of an unusual predicament. Despite recently undergoing a series of crown procedures on his upper teeth, he remained blissfully unaware of his less-than-ideal smile. However, during an examination, a crucial detail stood out—his smile line was askew, creating an aesthetic imbalance that had long evaded his attention.

Upon closer evaluation, it became evident that the root cause of his uneven smile lay in the misalignment between his upper and lower teeth, manifested in an anterior open bite. This misalignment created a visual discrepancy between his upper and lower teeth, leading to the incongruity in his smile.

To rectify this issue and provide the patient with a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing smile, the recommended course of action was two-fold. First, a modification of the upper crowns was necessary. The existing crowns did not align with the patient's lower teeth, causing the visual misalignment. It was proposed to redo the upper crowns, extending their length to match the natural proportions of the lower teeth.

Secondly, an adjustment to the lower teeth was essential to ensure that the tooth shape and size ratio between the upper and lower teeth was in perfect harmony. This adjustment was achieved through the application of veneers on the lower teeth. These veneers would not only match the tooth shape and size but also correct the anterior open bite, thus aligning the upper and lower teeth seamlessly.

The process of redoing the upper crowns and applying veneers to the lower teeth was executed meticulously, with the patient's specific aesthetic goals in mind. The new upper crowns were custom-made to match the lower teeth in terms of size and proportion. Simultaneously, the veneers on the lower teeth were designed to ensure a balanced and visually pleasing result.

Upon the completion of the dental procedures, the patient was presented with a transformed smile that now showcased a perfect alignment between the upper and lower teeth. The visual discrepancy that had previously marred his smile was now replaced with a harmonious and balanced appearance. The patient was delighted with the outcome, which not only improved the aesthetics of his smile but also addressed the underlying issue of the anterior open bite.

In conclusion, the case of this 51-year-old male patient highlights the capacity of modern dentistry to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. By addressing the anterior open bite and achieving the perfect tooth shape and size ratio, the patient's smile was transformed into a seamless, harmonious work of art. This case underscores the importance of thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plans to ensure that the ultimate goal of patient satisfaction is achieved. After seeing the final results, patient was aware how old and ugly his previous crowns were.