Before and After

Smile Enhancement

Poorly Positioned Teeth

Dental Office in Fountain Valley

A 39-year-old male patient sought dental treatment with concerns about his upper teeth, which were chipped and poorly positioned. His primary focus was on enhancing his smile, particularly the appearance of his upper teeth since they were the ones prominently displayed when he smiled. The patient expressed a desire for a smile makeover and was not inclined toward clear aligner therapy.

The treatment plan for this patient involved a combination of dental procedures, including crowns and veneers, to address the issues with his upper teeth and achieve the desired smile enhancement. The patient's concerns included the appearance of his upper canines, which he felt resembled vampire teeth, as well as shape and size discrepancies among his upper teeth.

To begin the smile enhancement procedure, a diagnostic wax-up was carried out. This process allowed the patient and the dental team to visualize how the final result would appear. The diagnostic wax-up served as a crucial step in planning the smile makeover, as it allowed the patient to review and approve the proposed changes to his upper teeth.

Once the patient was satisfied with the appearance of the temporary crowns and veneers created during the diagnostic wax-up, the final phase of the treatment commenced. The final crowns and veneers were custom-designed to address the patient's specific concerns and provide the desired aesthetics.

The result of the treatment was a significant improvement in the patient's smile. The combination of crowns and veneers effectively addressed the chipped teeth, shape and size discrepancies, and the concerns related to the appearance of the upper canines. The patient achieved the smile enhancement he desired, and his upper teeth now appeared more harmonious and attractive.

In conclusion, the case of this 39-year-old male patient highlights the transformative power of modern dentistry in enhancing smile aesthetics. By combining crowns and veneers with a diagnostic wax-up, the patient achieved a stunning smile makeover. This case underscores the importance of personalized treatment and a comprehensive approach to meet the unique goals and preferences of each patient.