Before and After

Smile Enhancement

Brighter Smile with Veneers

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A 41-year-old female patient sought dental treatment with the primary goal of achieving whiter teeth. When she smiled, her wide grin exposed a significant portion of her teeth. Initially, the patient had expressed the desire to address the appearance of only two upper anterior teeth to make them look whiter. One of these two teeth had a crown, and both teeth were adjusted to match in size.

However, upon closer clinical examination and capturing images of the way the patient smiled, it became evident that addressing just two teeth would not achieve the substantial change the patient desired. Despite efforts to match the size of the crown and adjacent tooth, her teeth appeared yellowish, and simple teeth whitening would not achieve the level of whiteness she desired.

Recognizing the extent of the patient's smile exposure and her desire for a brighter smile, a comprehensive approach was adopted. The treatment plan encompassed a full smile enhancement procedure, addressing both the upper and lower teeth to increase their brightness and create a more appealing smile.

To ensure that the size and shape of the veneers would align with the patient's preferences, a diagnostic wax-up was performed. This allowed the patient to visualize and approve the proposed changes, ensuring that the final result would meet her expectations.

Following the approval of the diagnostic wax-up, the final veneers were meticulously crafted to achieve the desired aesthetics. These veneers effectively addressed the patient's concerns about the yellowish appearance of her teeth and created a significantly brighter and more attractive smile.

The result was a remarkable transformation of the patient's smile, aligning with her desires for whiter teeth and enhanced aesthetics. The comprehensive smile enhancement procedure successfully increased the brightness of both the upper and lower teeth, allowing the patient to smile with confidence.

In conclusion, the case of this 41-year-old female patient illustrates the transformative power of modern dentistry in enhancing smile aesthetics. By conducting a full smile enhancement procedure, including a diagnostic wax-up and final veneers, the patient achieved the desired level of whiteness and a stunning smile transformation. This case underscores the importance of personalized treatment and a comprehensive approach to meet the unique goals and preferences of each patient.